All in one barbeque

Many people who enjoy grilling own at least two different grills. You can combine them with a versatile grill that is comparable to a gas grill.

Chicken, pizza, vegetables – no matter what your favorite food is, you can grill with charcoal or wood, and thus add flavor to your cooking.

Not to mention the movable cooking level, that allows incredible heat management. You can prepare the food accurately and in a controlled manner every time.

The gas grill is very fast in food preparation. But when you taste the beef that is cooked on the oak trees, you will notice the difference! Oak gives more flavor, and the meal is incredibly juicy.

Why can not gas charcoal then be used on charcoal? The answer is that the grate is not spacious enough and there isn’t necessarily lid at all.

Traditional grills in the market can’t do everything. No barbecue has offered this versatility. A versatile grill is one that uses gas, charcoal, and wood, and has a cooking surface that can be lowered and raised.

All in one barbeque is the kind of barbeque that combines gas grill, charcoal grill, wood stove and smoke in one unit.

When the vegetables or chicken begin to heat up, nothing else needs to be done than raise the level.

When you are barbequing a beef, such as a Filet Mignon or ribeye, you can lower the level and get flammable heat and put the lid down.

In cooking, the temperature cannot be controlled precisely by moving the knob, but by moving food nearer to or farther from the heat source.

If you want to use charcoal or wood, just remove the patch panels and install the cover plate. Remove the propane tank for safety, and add charcoal or wood.

If you want to smoke fish or meat, it’s as easy as centering the grate and moving charcoal or wood to the other side of the grill. Add fish or meat on the other side of the grate and place the lid on.

You can adjust the temperature by moving the grate slightly up or down and when it’s time to fill the smoke source, just lift it up.